All work is performed by registered patent attorneys/agents

Since the time of our founding, we have held to a policy whereby all patent applications and other professional documents should be drafted only by registered patent attorneys/agents and not non-patent-attorney technical writers (patent engineers) that are employed at many other Taiwan IP firms.  This is what distinguishes Litron from other Taiwan IP firms.

At Litron, each patent attorney/agents takes full responsibility for his or her work, and is able to personally ensure that only the highest quality of services are provided.

On-site U.S. patent agents personally service Asia clients on their U.S. patent filings

Unlike many other Taiwan IP firms, our registered U.S. patent agents are personally responsible for all U.S. patent filings for our clients.

For many Taiwan IP firms, when filing in the U.S., clients first must interact with technical writers and their supervisors, next, they must interact with a Taiwan account officer, and lastly, through their Taiwan account officer, they are able to interact with a U.S. patent attorney/agent in the U.S. or Taiwan.  That is up to four different contacts, for one U.S. filing.

Here at Litron, when filing in the U.S., clients interact directly with our multilingual registered U.S. patent agents offering unparalleled efficiencies and premium-quality and professional U.S. patent prosecution services.  This is another feature that distinguishes Litron from other Taiwan IP firms.

Multitude of experience with examiner interviews and responding to office actions

A highly productive prosecution strategy involves examiner interviews and responding to office actions; during of which, a tremendous amount of information is delivered back and forth to arrive at a point of agreement.

Litron prides itself on the ability of our registered patent attorneys/agents to communicate directly with examiners in Taiwan, U.S., and China, in efforts to expedite the patent prosecution process and alleviate the need for extensive discussions over an extended period of time.

We maintain a high level of technical expertise

Our patent attorneys/agents are able to engage in technical discussions on an equal footing with our inventor clients as many of our patent attorneys/agents have prior experience working in corporate R&D and intellectual property departments.  Our patent attorneys/agents are able to utilize their prior experience and expertise, and they also keep their knowledge up-to-date by staying abreast of the latest cutting-edge developments.  These abilities allow Litron to obtain better protection for our clients’ inventions.