Our Vision

Litron Patent and Trademark Office holds to the principle that our patent attorneys/agents should be experts in their respective fields so that they can draft and prosecute their own cases in Taiwan, U.S., and China.

Although we employ paralegal and administrative specialist for routine office matters, we do not employ non-patent-attorney technical staff (patent engineers) to draft patent applications.  Our patent attorneys/agents, whom are experts in their respective technical fields, allow Litron to offer premium-quality IP services in Taiwan and throughout the world.

Our Firm

Litron Patent and Trademark Office was founded by Mr. Mike Teng, a registered Taiwan patent attorney and U.S. patent agent, who also passed the China patent agent’s exam in 2012.

After receiving a B.S. and M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the National Taiwan University in Taiwan and an M.S. in Computer Engineering from the University of Southern California in the U.S., Mr. Teng resided and worked professionally in the U.S. till 2004.

Working at in-house tech firms in the U.S., mainly in the R&D divisions of companies like Broadcom Ltd., Xellink Communications, Cisco Systems, and Agfa-Gevaert, among others, as a Senior Engineering Manager, Vice President and Consultant, Mr. Teng was able to gain the technical expertise needed for any patent practitioner to quickly succeed.  In addition, it was during this time where Mr. Teng not only acquired his U.S. citizenship, but, also gained an understanding of what it is like to live and work alongside with westerners, allowing him a distinct advantage in Taiwan when prosecuting U.S. patent applications and training and guiding Litron employees and inventor clients.

In summary, Litron’s technically proficient patent attorneys/agents take full responsibility for their work, and personally ensure a high quality of IP service.  Our multilingual U.S. patent agents, offer Asia companies unparalleled efficiencies and premium-quality and professional U.S. patent prosecution services.  Additionally, our multitude of experience with examiner interviews and responding to office actions helps inventor clients expedite their patent prosecution process and alleviate the need for any extensive discussions over an extended period of time.  These principles are what distinguishes Litron from other Taiwan IP firms.



Min-Lee Teng
Taiwan, China, USA, EU Patent Law Expert

NTUST Patent Graduate School Professor
Patent Bar Examination, China (2012)
USA Patent Agent(Registration No. 65,623)
Taiwan Patent Attorney(Registration No.A0222)
Local Firm Patent R&D Manager
Broadcom, Xellink, Cisco, Agfa High Level Manager、VP and Consultant
University of South California Electrical Engineering Doctoral Candidate
Master’s Degree in University of South California Electrical Engineering
Master’s Degree in National Taiwan University Electrical Engineering